Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School & A Communication Detetive Lesson

I can't believe that ALL of the schools are officially in session (colleges not included). Where did the time go?

Around here the first of our schools started way back on July 26th...a Friday...weird, I no! And then today, the final few schools have joined the ranks and school is officially back in session!!!

I have taken some SERIOUS time off!! I have enjoyed following no set schedule or has been very indulgent to say the least!! Now I am getting hit HARD with a dose of reality!!! Can you relate?

So, the last time I posted anything on this blog (read: a loooong time ago!) I mentioned how I was preparing for my summer social groups and that I'd be sharing some of the activities and here I go, time to play catch-up!

Our theme for the summer was SOCIAL DETECTIVES!!

The back bone of the lessons came from Michelle Garcia Winner's curriculum. I also did a lot of brainstorming and came up with a few ideas of my own, and of course found ideas on PINTEREST. You can check out my social detective board HERE!

Our groups have a great deal of difficulty using social cues (verbal and nonverbal) to figure out who someone is talking to and then respond appropriately. This leads to blurting, talking out of turn, ignoring or not responding, and breakdowns in communication!! Obvious, right? So here is lesson we used (& continue to refer back to) to address this concept:

Communication Detectives!

Using pictures such as this one, we worked on using social cues (we called them clues) to determine who was talking to whom and what "clues" did you use to figure this out. The clues included facial expressions, eye gaze, and body language.
After we finished THIS exercise, we role-played having conversations, using all the expected behaviors (body language, eye gaze, physical proximity, facial expressions...). I took pictures of the role-plays to use during the following session and had the groups complete the same activity only using pictures of themselves!!

We also added in feelings and thoughts. We talked about how it felt (calm or confused/irritated/angry...) and what we thought (friendly or odd thought) when others took conversational turns in an expected or unexpected way.  We used the thought clouds from THIS LESSON.

Until next time...

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